Saturday, September 15, 2007

I sat next to a college student on a plane recently...

We struck up a conversation immediately--about where she was going, what she would do when she got there, and why some of the decisions she was about to make could really hurt her. She was anxious, tearful, and afraid.

After a short time I said, "If you were my daughter, I would tell you to get off this plane and get on the next plane home!" She sighed and said, "My mom told me to go and have a good time."

I've had numerous, similar conversations lately. And I'm convinced that there are many young women who are looking for mentors who will speak the truth in love to them.

So, I've decided to send emails to the daughter I've never had (though my son has gotten plently of these from me)...with the expectation that I'll reach someone who is sincerely looking for the advice, encouragement, and love of a mom.

Check in regularly for my thoughts and feelings...and don't hesitate to ask me questions!

Be encouraged,



{Karla} said...

Becky -

I am so excited to find this blog!

I just happened across it because I was researching something for my blog, regarding prayer, and I am mentioning your book "Let Prayer Change Your Life".

I have a daughter (and 3 sons), so I am looking forward to what you have to say here.

Your book changed my prayer life 4 years ago. Thank you for following this passion that the Lord has placed on your heart.


diana said...

Thank You Becky for sharing your wisdom. I have 3 girls, ages 22,19 and 16 !!! I will be anxious to buy this book and give it to my girls.

CATHY said...

Hi Becky--

As a mom and part-time college instructor, I see this "yearning", from the women, everytime I walk into the classroom. I pray to find ways to lead them to Christ.

You will find this interesting, too, based on your plane 14 yr old daughter had to take a survey in one of her HS classes yesterday asking students to write down at what ages they believed certain behaviors (eg seeing R rated movies) or material things (eg cell phones) be allowed/given to kids. Our daughter thought it interesting that many of the kids who have been allowed to "go/get and have fun!" since grade school wrote down much older ages. In other words, they believed parents should NOT allow so many behaviors/give so many things at the early ages they were allowed. (It's past my bedtime so forgive any confusion!)

Your email updates from your ministry inspire me, encourage me, and affirm that what I see in today's college students is real. What spiritual battles swhirling around our college campus'.

And Hello Karla! I don't comment on many blogs, but we seem to comment on the same ones. I had to smile when I saw your seeing a friend :)


Shelley said...

Becky, After spending the summer blogging with you and others desiring revival, I am so excited to see this blog regarding relationships with our young women. I have a 26 yr old daughter who will be married this coming Jan. I have been on a roller coaster of emmotions with her and because of her over the years but, praise God, whe has grown into a women of faith and passion that I am so proud of and whe is marrying a man that is also one of faith and desire to have the Lord play the central role in their marriage. I am anxious to read your future blogs and that of all the other women because, I'm fairly confident, that I have "been there" to some degree and at some time with my daughter. I'll buy her this book especially for her to read and then to keep for her daughter (as long as she doesn't make me wait too awfully long to be a grandmother). Bless you, Becky!!!!

rosebud said...

Dear Becky and bloggers;
I am excited to find this blog and I thank Becky for having it. I have a few adopted daughters who calls me "Mom" beause I resemble their moms. I write to them each day since my daughter lives over 2000 miles from me and she does not have the time to write me because her daughter keeps her busy all the time.
You have changed my life because it has had some brokenness in it. And my arm is healing very well but really slowly and I am off temporarily at work and it has been hard on me emotionally and financially.
I have been witnessing to a lot of people that do not know Christ. I even had one guy tear up a pamplet thst I gsve him right in front of me. Becky What can I do when that happens? I am praying for him every day but I want to witness to him again. It has been really hard to talk to him about God and recieving Him. Any suggestions? Rose Bud

sshough said...

I heard you speak about 10 years ago, and it has made an marked difference in my walk with God. I feel like I am one of your spiritual daughters, even though we have not ever met. This summer I was praying for a mentor when the "Summer of Prayer" blog came up. I had been reading my Bible, but I had a renewed commitment to journaling. Thank you so much, again! I am looking forward to what insights you have to share here too.

JenFogle said...

I became a Christian when my daughter was nine. I sent her to a Christian School and we served the Lord faithfully in our local church. She graduated high school and went to a Christian College over 600 miles from home. After 2 months she wanted to come home; that was a year ago this November and she has been running from the Lord since that time. She has tried almost everything this world has to offer....I sit here at work broken and in tears....
I know that ALL things work together for our good but at times the pain is unbearable.

Shelley said...

To jenfogle; I have lived through your heartache. I became born again when my daughter was in Jr High after divorcing her father when she was 4yrs old and remarrying a good man when she was in 6th grade. She shortly followed me and gave her life to the Lord when she was in 7th grade. She then decided to go to a Christian High School so she could meet other Crhistians kids with her same values. High School was great so we thought college would be also a wonderful experience since she got a great scholarship to a private Christian school not too far away from home. But her first 2 years of college were nightmares. She ran from the Lord and became a party girl. She was the hit of the "greek" drinking parties since she was very pretty and had landed a very popular guy as her boyfriend. She kept her grades up just enough to keep the scholarship but we knew that she was sleeping with this guy and drinking with the sororiety girls and frat boys all weekend. She was really not happy, though, and eventually she got her heart broke and God kept wooing her bakc to Him. Thank God, He is so faithful!
Finally, just before her 3rd year of college, she confessed to God and to her step-dad and me that she had run long enough and that she was miserable and sorry. We knew that God had never let go of her and had kept His Hand of love on her so it was easly to forgive her and love her back. That year she really became a loner on campus since her "old" friends didn't get her change and the Christians on campus didn't believe her changed ways nor did they accept her. She really just got alone with God and His Word and sought counsel from the campus minister on a daily basis. By her 4th year, she was named student chaplain and spoke very passionately to other young women who were looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places and ways. She really made a bold step for salvation and God was able to use her in a mighty way! She is now 26yrs old and is involved in a pure relationship with a Christian young man who is a virgin and they will be married in Jan. 2008. Praise God!
I'm sharing all this with you to encourage you and to let you know that I understand your heartache and your tears and your fears BUT God is sooo faithful and He loves your daughter even more than you do and He won't let go of her. He'll keep pursuing her and chasing after her and through your prayers and His answer to them, your daughter will turn around and take what satan intened for harm and it will be used as a mighty testimony for the advance of His Kingdom and the salvation of other young women's souls! You are in my thoughts and PRAYERS as is your daughter. I can't wait for the awesome praise report! Remember to be on guard as satan will continue to pursue her as well since he likewise knows that God loves your daughter and wants her to return to Him, so be diligent in your prayers and cry out to Him and be assured that He loves you as well and He can dry all your tears! Be Blessed and if you want, email me @ hemomt@aol whnever you need moral support. Hold on to Father God! Shelley

Traveler said...

Hi Becky,
I am in my 50's now, but I have been where these young women are. I even worked with a college campus ministry right after college (a few years after I accepted Christ), and it was a wonderful experience.

But, later on, I grew disillusioned and was drawn to worldly ways and things. For quite a while. I never rejected Christ, but I was not faithfully following Him either. There was a lot of pain and lostness in those many years. I married a non-Christian, and it was a painful marriage (no children, thank God, to get hurt).

It took me a long time to grow up. I am well-educated, but was very focused on my own needs being filled. Doesn't work.

I finally got to the point where nothing in the world satisfied me anymore, and I was very unhappy. I knew Christ would run to me as I ran to Him with open arms.

My life is so rich now. I'm married to a loving, faithful Christian man. I am very blessed.

My calling now is to be available to young women. It is my heart's passion and desire. Thank you for all you are doing. I love receiving your updates.

God bless you, Becky.

suzanne.wingate said...

Dear Becky,
Thank you so very much for writing this book! This past summer, my cousin and I sat down and disscussed how we didn't have female mentors (in what was important for life) growing up. Up through high school we both attended church, went faithfully to youth group, and I sang in the church choir, but neither of us had the female mentor we so despreately needed during college and still need today. Our mothers were both home but 'socialites'. Our grandmothers were present, but either they didn't step in or possibly we didn't listen. We both missed out. I feel my cousin and I went through years ago what you see so clearly and often today.
God does wonderful acts through people and I thank him that you will be giving us all a bit more wisdom and help to our teenage daughters and friends.

Anonymous said...

I read your book let Prayer change your life and I also use the Prayer Journal which I love. I can't wait to read this new book! I
have two teenagers a son 16 and a daughter 15. I was a very rebellious teenager and continued on through college and afterwards. I knew the Lord, but was not living my life like I knew him. I was partying and sleeping around which led me down the road to 4 abortions. I just stuffed this pain in and kept going like it never happened. It wasn't until this past year that I started training at the Teenage Crisis Pregnancy Center that I did a Bible study on recovering from abortions and had a memorial service for each of my babies that are in heaven with the Lord now. It was so powerful and healing. I have experienced God's grace in so many ways and he is soooo BIG and loves us so much even when we are rebelling. I had some issues with my daughter rebelling this past year and it brought up a lot of memories of my past. I have not shared this part of my life with her yet, I have shared other mistakes I made as a teen and am praying that God will open doors and prepare hearts for my story one day. I think it's a powerful thing to share how God's grace has blessed each of our lives, it is encouraging and our kids need to be encouraged!! Thanks, Debbie

Mary said...

Dear Becky,
God bless you for ALL you do but especially this. I tis very close to my heart as my daughter is a Sophomore at the Ohio State University and desperately trying to find her way. I would be most interested in being part of your focus group. Praying is one thing but actually doing something to help is helps me to vent my anxiety in a healthy way.