Thursday, November 29, 2007

Focus Group

Okay, I'm convinced that I have found a need (with both mothers and daughters) and I'm going to attempt to fill it with this little book, Emails to My Daughter. I have begun to read each entry aloud to students (young women and men) I read it to them, we have cried together. Even my editor and his wife had the same "teary-eyed" experience.

So, now I'm going to ask each of you to email me ( with your direct email address and I would like to send you random sections of the manuscript to read and review with others who might give us truthful insights. Most importantly, I know we all want to reach a young generation of women who are selling out to (or being swept away by) culture and giving away (and losing) their precious selves to those things that will never satisfy.

I would also like to ask your permission to randomly and anonymously include your blog comments in the back of my book--I feel that we all come from different places but we have the same your words, which articulate so personally your pain, can help another person who hasn't identified with me...if you would give me permission in your email to me, I would be grateful.

The manuscript has to be completed by December 13, 2007, so don't delay in contacting me, okay!!

You encourage me!