Friday, October 19, 2007

Correspondence to include...

As this literary project unfolds, I realize I have finally found a forum in which to publicly address all the students who have shared their inmost secrets with me through confession. After visiting almost 40 college campuses, I am convinced that this young generation--especially those who have been raised in the church--are completely overwhelmed with the mixed messages that come at them from every angle.

Media presents one picture. Professors in state schools present a dramatically different viewpoint than those in private schools, and yet, students who left high school with a Christian foundation seem to be flailing.

I am convinced that the culture in which we live is aggressively stealing, killing, and destroying our children's faith, sexual purity, morality, and the purpose for which they were born--and women of all ages need to stand up and say something!

This book, Emails to My Daughter (working title), is a compilation of the stories I've heard from students while visiting almost 40 college campuses. And I am convinced, they will shock you into helping me reach this young generation--whether you have a student or not!

In the coming weeks, I am planning to post only 1/2 of the correspondence between me and my daughter--her words and questions to me. (My answers will not appear in this blog, but be published in 2008, yet if you believe I'm on the right track, I'd love your thoughts on each entry.) But for those of you who have lived through what I'm going to share, I write this book (1) to assure you (and your daughters), that you're not the only ones experiencing heartache, and (2) to provide some answers based on biblical principles that I have seen work in the lives of the students who've inspired this correspondence.

I have a very specific purpose for this "fictional" book--that every parent and/or student who is desperately seeking spiritual encouragement, indomitable hope, and practical answers for standing firm amidst the incredible challenges of our culture will find it.

Pray for me, will you? The answers to my daughter's emails will be published in 2008...

In the meanwhile, be encouraged.